Short Medium Resistance Band - Ocean Palm
Short Medium Resistance Band - Ocean Palm
Short Medium Resistance Band - Ocean Palm
Short Medium Resistance Band - Ocean Palm
Short Medium Resistance Band - Ocean Palm
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    Short Medium Resistance Band - Ocean Palm


    Get the results you've always dreamed of. Our Medium Resistance Band is perfect for anyone wanting to take their training to the next level.


      Looking for the best all-rounder? Look no further. Our Medium Band provides 15-20lbs of resistance. It's an amazing band for anybody who has trained before. It can be used for both isolation and compound movements, making it our most versatile band.

      Glute Band

      Proven Results

      Used daily by THOUSANDS of other women bettering themselves. Whether your goals are to burn calories, tone your legs, stomach or firm up your booty, this band will help you get there. Everyone has to start somewhere - this is where you start!

      Glute Band

      Incredible Durability

      Unlike your ex-boyfriend, these bands are built to last. This band will never break or snap, so you'll never pay for a replacement. A small investment to your future.

      Glute band

      Unrivalled Comfort

      This band is an incredibly soft fabric - there's no uncomfortable rubbing, no rolling, no pinching of hairs. These bands will soon be your favourite fitness tool.

      Looks good, does better.

      Our bands are helping women achieve their goals - with less of the work. 


      ✅       MORE ACTIVATION - Up to 400% more glute activation. Build your glutes, with less of the work - just 10 minutes per day. 


      ✅      DURABLE - Our bands are tough. They won't snap or break. 


      ✅      COMFORTABLE - Our soft fabric feels great on your skin, with a snug and secure fit. They won't pinch your skin, or pull hairs. 


      ✅      NO ROLLING - Our non-slip strips inside of the bands mean the bands won't slide or roll - allowing you to focus on getting the most from your workout. 


      ✅      TONE & SHAPE - Sculpt the body you've always dreamed of. Get more from your workouts, and more results. 


      ✅      WORKOUT FROM HOME - With our bands, you can keep exercising  at home and never miss a day's training. 

      ✅      SIZES

      All of our bands are 13.5 inches in length. Well researched in our discovery phase, this is the optimal length to activate your glutes through a full range of motion. 

      Our customers   💖   ISLA BANDS​
      Model with Glute band
      Model with Glute band
      Model with Glute band


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